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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CES 2012 - The highlight of the first day.

Microsoft - Opening and farewell.
Liven up by a Gospel group, Microsoft's Executive President Steve Ballmer, made the opening speech at the fair.

A large audience at The Venetian Hotel, which took the event in, forced the responsibles for the establishment to close the access to it, so many journalists and professionals of the field were obliged to follow the speech through the internet from some of the adjacent rooms.
There was no mention at all about the XBox 720. However, Ballmer spoke of the Windows Phone, he shed light on the launching of Windows 8 and Kinect XBox.

The latest news is that Microsoft was leaving the CES. At least till further notice, there will be no more speeches, no stands nor presentations. Rumour has it that Microsoft is planning to launch, given the time, its own fair, focussed on its products, just like Apple.

The biggest OLED 3D Screens.
Sony and LG had already introduced their 55'' OLED screens, with LED organic panels and a four coloured pixels system, as well as a color adjustment to get a clearer and greater image quality. Samsung, the world's leader on televisions would not be left behind. Its future Super OLED TV (as it was named) will possess 55'' too, and it will be equipped with a 1GHz dual core processor and a voice control.

The cristal ultrabook.
HP, the mayor computer manufacturer, introduced its second ultrabook, an ultra slim notebook of minimum charge and immediate starting. As a particular feature, the HP Envy 14 Spectre is made of scraching resistant glass. It is black in the outside and silver colored in the inside. It includes an improvement regarding wireless connections to the speakers and the ability to send web links from a phone to a browser in the nearest portatil using the "Near Field Communication" technology. It has a 14'' high definition screen of 20 milimeters thickness and it weighs 1.8 kilos. The Spectre will be available next month from $1.400, and so it will be more expensive than the popular Apple's 13'' MacBook Air.

Sony Balanced Optucal SteadyShot
With reflex cameras equipped with the video recording function and a videocameras market which has been diminished because of that, manufacturers have had to manage to give their Handycams the touch of difference in order to get them nearer to consumers again. As a result appears an improved version of the stability system, a technology that, instead of controlling the lense balance inside de camera, it mechanically controls the body balance introducing it into a secondary frame equipped with a motor that compensates movement inside the unit with a higher precision. Because of that, it softens the movements that may be produced in the inside.

Sony simulates 150'' 3D screen.
The Japanese company has invented a 3D viewer that gives the impression of being watching at a 150'' screen. The Personal 3D Viewer allows to adjust the diopter so people with  sight problems may see well, but once adjusted it is a bit inconvenient to move around due to the need to readjust or to try to leave the viewer in the same position as before. According to Sony, it has a 5.1 virtual channels sound through two loudspeakers that stay at the ear level.

Nokia presents Lumia 900
The Lumia 900 pretends to be the most complete Windows Phone. At plain sight looking like a Nokia Lumia 800, and even though the generation gap has been softened, it bears remarkable features. Externally, we can see a bigger AMOLED screen that reaches the 4.3 ''. The folding lids which hid connectors have been removed. It has a micro USB port and a SIM server as well as a front camera which allows connectivity and videoconference mode. The mechanism has a 4G LTE connnectivity that promises a faster data traffic than the actual 3G.

Huawei introduced the world's thinnest Smartphone.
Huawei, the chinese brand presented its Ascend P1S, a 6.68mm thickness Smartphone, thinnest than a pencil and the last Apple iPhone, the 4S. Besides it incorporates a powerful TI OMAP 4460 Dual-Core 1.5GHz processor, with SGX540 graphics, a 1GB RAM memory and an 8 megapixels camera that records 1080p videos. It has a front camera of 1.3 megapixels that would record 720p videos. It also has a 10.92 cm screen and the Android software from Google.

Keep in touch for more information on everything happening at the CES 2012, one of the biggest technology fairs in the world.

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