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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CES 2012 - Cube 3D Home Printer

3D Systems continues to innovate. In the first place, it aquired its competitor Z Corporation and now it surprises us with a personal 3D Cube Printer.

The process is simple, it scans in 3D the object to be printed (or creates a model in any modeled 3D application) and it prints it in this so special 3D printer. The result, a 3D figure of the object, not just a complete person but a watch o a guitar as well. is designed to work on mobile devices, tablets and kinect as portatile digital canvas that later on can be sent to the 3D printer or to be printed.

Kinect 3D Printing technology using Geomagic Studio is perfect to scan and transform 3D scanned data into high precission polygons and native CAD models for reverse engeneering, product design, quick prototype and analysis. Kinect-To-Print is an app that lets you use the Kinect to print 3D objects.

The Strong point is the Cubify platform in itself. An online social platform available for artists, developers and everyone who wants to contribute to it. Cubify is a place where users can load their models, images and third party apps. What's more, of course, users can connect to other people to socialize, share ideas and start new projects.

Cube will get to the American market at the incredible price of $1.299.

Keep in touch for more information on everything happening at the CES 2012, one of the biggest technology fairs in the world.

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