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Sunday, January 15, 2012

CES 2012 - The highlight of the last day

CES, one of the major electronic consuming fair, closed its doors this year after receiving more than 150 thousands visitors, a new record attendance. These are some prominent visitors, among hundreds that could been seen the last 4 days:

ION Audio Piano Apprentice
ION Audio manufactures a mini piano keyboard, Apprentice converts your iPad, iPod and iPhone in the last piano teacher anywhere at any time. One just have to download the app, connect the Apple device and it will be a way to learn to play the piano faster and easier than ever imagined.

Piano Apprentice offers all ever imagined to master the piano at a fraction of the cost of traditional lessons. It is a light portatile keyboard that shows key aftar key how to play the instrument.
Big and small companies are betting to connect TV to Internet. The young american company Shodogg made public its app that helps us administer a video in the web and moves it from one device to another within the WiFi net.
The app is free; the company's profit comes from publicity in videos sent through the service.

Intel increases the Smartphones and ultrabooks technological level
With its strategic alliance to Motorola Mobility, Intel Corporation announced a series of advances through its smartphones business, besides presenting a Lenovo Telephone based on the company's new processor platform, the Intel Atom and announces several smartphones based on the new Atom processor for 2012.
Kingston Technology
The independent leading manufacturer of memory products in the world announced the launching of the Hyperx Red Limited Edition memory and a new image for the low voltage modules Hyperx Lovo. These memory modules are designed for the PC enthusiasts, system developers and beginner gamers who search to impel their performances. On the other side, the new and optimized Hyperx Lovo will keep its standard green color, but with a device to dispell heat similar to the one on the HyperX Genesis. HyperX Lovo consumes less energy and it reduces heat, which makes it to require less fan speed, turning it into a fresh noiseless machine.
RIM - BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0
Research in Motion (RIM) showed the BlackBerry Palybook OS 2.0 new features that will let users to be even more connected and to be more productive. Its functions include:

- Advanced messaging experience, a powerful unified inbox that lets users to administer in a quick way their personal email, the email accounts from work as well as the capabilities of messaging from the popular social web sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and others.
- To widen the multitask capabilities of the BlackBerry playbook tablet through flaps. Users can refer to other email while writing another one.
- Users get benefits with the new functions inside the messages app, from which they get full support regarding format sources and email discussions editing. This offers a robust experience of emailing, similar to the one on a PC or portatile.
- Making wide range browses within the inbox of multiple email accounts, as well as the chance to stablish messages "outside the office" and email signature directly from the tablet.
- Deep Social Connections Integration. The new app Contacts works as a social center which merges the email and social channels in a single contact file for each person in their own address book. Each file includes contact information, such as recent state updates, conversations, related news and mutual contacts.

All these information is kept up to date automacally. The BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 software update will be available for free downloading to BlackBerry Playbook users February 2012.

TomTom presented the new version of its phones and tablets browser iOS that has as a novelty the more complete social networks integration. TomTom for iPhone and iPad allowes us to navigate and share places and events with our social network contacts directly.
With that information the browser can map a route based on events, places or information from friends on the Facebook. The information about our journey plan or the arrival to our destiny foresawn through the GPS may now come up directly from the app through an SMS, an email, Twitter or Facebook.

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Unknown said...

My daughter would love the Piano Apprentice. She has always wanted to take lessons, but with this piano, I will not have to put her in them. I don’t think the last day had too much interesting things. I did however in the previous days love the Intel Nikiski see-through notebook and the Hopper. Those are both things I want to get. The Hopper through DISH Network I got a chance to check out with some co-workers at DISH, and it was amazing. The way you can be watching a show on one TV and continue it in another room. I love all the features on it and I am so excited for it to be released. All I know is this year at CES I thought was the best.