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Friday, January 13, 2012

Innovation Design & Engineering CES 2012

These are some of the technology manufacturers and developers who won the award "Innovation Design & Engineering CES 2012":

Powertech Ultra Slim
The Ultra Slim it's an outlet expander that gives any regular electrical outlet a pair of USB power sockets -without the wiring required of more permanent solutions like FastMac's U-Socket. The Ultra Slim is just that, as it's only about half inch thick, and has a unique folding collapsible plug on the back to keep its trim figure. Its thin profile is also able to accommodate the depth of regular plugs with extending sections in the back.

Mad Catz Cyborg MMO 7
Built upon the same platform as the award winning R.A.T.7, the M.M.O.7 takes the famous customization of the R.A.T. series and fuses it with a state of the art feature set, designed to offer unsurpassed control to fans of MMO software.

Sonomax Eers Custom-Fitted Earphones
The world's only custom-fitted earphones that fir to your ears in only 4 minutes. 14 years in development, 13+ patents, Sonomax expansion technology delivers incomparable sound isolation, fidelity and comfort.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750
Logitech Wireless Keyboard K750 for Mac charges by lamp/sunlight, eliminating the need for batteries, power bricks and charging cables. With PVC-free construction and fully recyclable box, it is designed to help minimize its evironmental footpirnt.

SDI iHome iDM5
iHome iDM5 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System Keyboard with Speakerphone for Tablets and Smarthphones.

The iHome iDM5 is the first patented combination Bluetooth keyboard and audio on one connection. It provides wireless connection to the keyboard with simultaneous music streaming, speakerphone or videoconferencing with tablets and smartphones.
Rocstor Amphibious
Regarding hard disks, Rocstor distinguishes with its "Amphibious". It is the first portable hard disk that incorporates two simultaneous methods of authentication: tactile keypad and smart card readers.

It is made of aluminum alloy, used in aeronautic industry, which works with USB port power.

Picitub iOnRoad
iOnRoad is an application that is used in smartphone android cameras and GPS to detect the position of cars around . On the screen, it is showed cars distance and one can configure some alarms so as to know when something is too close.

Also, this application can function in multitask mode, and it can be used together with other applications at the same time.

ASUS P9X79 Deluxe
The P9X79 model includes a complete technology repertoire to those who want to minimize energy-saving as well as for those who wish to take maximum output.

The range of Asus P9X79 is compatible with chipset Intel X79 and zalo LGA 2.011 for processors Core i7 Sandy Bridge-E. The overclocking tools are found around Turbo V, BIOS UEFI, or voltage control processors.

It allows up to three NVIDIA cards in SLI, and four to AMD CrossFire with an arrange of slots and componets that facilitates a lot the installation of high output devices.
Asus Rampage IV Extreme
This motherboard supports socket LGA2011 and LGA1366 heat sinks. It comes with an active heat sink, Extreme Engine Digit II, metallic condensers, eight DDR3-2400 memory slots, five PCI-Express x16 ports with 4-way SLI or CrossFireX support, and many other characteristics that make it the best option for a unique gamer experience.

The MSI GT780DXR is made for gamers. It is a portable of huge dimensions that incorporates interesting details and great power for those who love playing for hours,

Unless it is made for being connected to electric power in long game sessions, the nine-cells battery lasts for about three hours on its own.

The Steelseries keypad includes a key distribution that highlights the ones more used in games and moves some like Windows to where they do not disturb.

It has Blu-Ray, 7.1 THX Trustudio Pro sound emulated via two speakerphones and a Dynaudio inferior subwoofer.

It includes a mouse y a bag.
HP Elitebook Workstation 8760w
It is the dream of every professional for the intensive animation production, engineering plans in several dimensions and complex designs. The powerful HP EliteBook 8760w Mobile Workstation is optimized for windows 7 professional original. It has an expanded memory capacity and graphics of high performance.

It HD+ screen,FHD or DreamColor of 17.3 inch are adecuate to satisfy companies requirements.

MSI Z68A-GD80(G3)
The first PCI Express Gen 3 motherboard in the world with hyper-high transference broadband of 32 GB/s provides a transference rate two times faster than the previous generation. It thus offers an incredible capacity for extreme games of the next generation.

Based on LucidLogix Virtu technology, this series of MSI Z68motherboards give for the first time the most desired function for desktop platforms: interchangeable graphic processors that allow users to enjoy the power of both integrated and differentiated GPUs. This function uses the integrated GPU in the reproduction of HD movies, trans codification of video, and general applications in order to save energy, while it chenges to the differentiated GPU to free all power in 3D hardcore games.
With an outstanding output and an efficient cooling system for both GTX 580 graphic nucleus, this graphic card has a triple slot design that permits to integrate an efficient cooling system that makes cooling better.

The quality of integrated components as well as the feeding system make this card a high-end component suitable for picky gamers.
The HoverCam ImPress
With the increasing demand of digitalizing book collections for IPad , Kindle or any eBook use, HoverCam ImPress comes to facilitate digitalization and storage of printed books as it is a professional quality scanner that turns pages automatically.
Samsung GALAXY Note
It is a diary, a phonebook, a phone, a camera, all in one. It combines tablet benefits with smartphone mobility. It has a spectacular resolution, and it comes with a highly functional pen for screen called S Pen.

Specifications: 5.3 inch HD AMOLED screen, double nucleus Exynos processor of 1.4 GHz and, of course, integrated stylus - a component that gives it personality and distinction among its competitors.
Blue Sky i'm Watch
The first smartwatch in the market created by the Italian company Blue sky. The i'm Watch is an smart clock with an Android 1.6 operative system, Freescale IMX233 processor, 64MG memory RAM, 1.54' screen, 3.5 mm full touch connector for earphones, Bluetooth, and 4GB internal storage.

Moreover, it has a 1.54' multi touch screen with resolution of 240x240 pixels. One can question, why should I have a smartwatch in my pocket when I have a more powerful smartphone with bigger screen and more options? Well, one of its main strengths is that the I'm Watch offers Bluetooth 2.1+EDR connectivity to connect to your smartphone without taking it off from your pocket.

Tagg-The Pet Tracker
Missing your pet could be something traumatic and an event one would not like to experience. Tagg, 'The Pet Tracker', is a solution created by Snaptracs that assures you can quickly find your pet in case you miss it.

The device, designed to be used on the neck as a collar, counts with an integrated GPS and wireless support. It enables an advanced searching system that locates, at every time, your pet and advice you, through your phone or PC, if it goes out from an established area. It is waterproof and has 30-days autonomy.

Keep in touch for more information on everything happening at the CES 2012, one of the biggest technology fairs in the world.

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