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Monday, April 16, 2012

Everest Base Camp

After intense days of trekking from the dangerous Luckla airport and after crossing Deboche, Pangboche and Periche, Fer y “El Pampa” met in the Everest Base Camp.

In the Everest Base Camp, at 5400 meters above sea level, the mountaineers of all over the world always meet in order to reach the top of the mountain after an acclimatization period that can last up to 2 months. The tents’ zone is established in a rocky area next to the glacier. Before the final ascent, each team makes a Buddhist ceremony to ask the gods for permission and protection to reach the top.
"Estamos en el Campo Base de Everest!!! Este lugar es un sueño! Todo el CB está sobre un glaciar impresionante, al pie de la cascada de hielo famosa, y rodeado de montañas gigantes recontra cerca. A cada rato se escuchan estruendos de las avalanchas que caen!" Nos cuentan entusiasmados.

“We are in the Everest Base camp!! this place is a dream!! It is on an amazing glacier, adjacent to the famous ice waterfall, and surrounded by giant mountains that are very close. Every other moment, you can hear the noise of the avalanches!”, they told us excited.

“Yesterday, it was another exciting day. We received Lama Ghese’s blessing. It is fantastic how, without understanding a single word, we were filled with energy with his prayers and laughing as the Tendi Sherpa was translating our words during the Pangboche ceremony. After lunch, the climate became really bad and we speed up our pace, or should we say, we suspended the stops so as to reach destiny as soon as posible since we were at 4000 meters.”
They add, “As soon as we can, we will send more images and news! Be aware that, even though we do not answer every message because of lack of connectivity or battery, we read them all!. Thanks a lot!
Drinking mate in the Himalayas

Fer and "El Pampa" in Namche Baza, Himalaya.

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