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Monday, April 9, 2012

From Nepal

Last 31st March, Fernando and Hernán went from Ezeiza to Nepal. After a 16-hour flight and stopping over in San Pablo, our mountaineers landed in Doha, Qatar's capital, in order to go to Katmandú, Nepal.

This way, the members of the 2012 Argentinian Expedition towards the Everest report from Katmandú:

"Most people cannot see Nepal when being on a airplane because of the Smog, and we haven't been the exception. After landing, we had to form a long queue to process the visa, which took us more than expected. When we finally went out the airport, we met Willie and Georgina who were waiting for us together with the van driver. Heading the hotel, we suffered Katmandú' s traffic:  people drive on the left, which is quite confusing , and in many neighborhoods there are no sidewalks so in the same path there are pedestrians, cars, motorcycles, bicycle-cabs, vans and even buses", Hernán said.

Last Saturday, it began in Luckla the first stage of the ascent to the Everest: an approximately 10-day trekking towards the Base Camp. The flight from Katmandú , full of emotions and anxiety, turned out to be quite dangerous when landing in Luckla's airport as it is considered one of the 5 airports more dangerous in the world. The pilot landed over a runaway partially covered by clouds. "He has almost lost it", were the words of Willie, one the guides, referring to the pilot and the plane. "It was the worst landing I have experienced since I live here", he added which is quite a surprise for someone that has been a guide to the Everest since 1999 and who takes this flight every year.

"Even though we went through this situation with a little bit of tension, were not completely conscious of the danger until Willie, Damián and Fernando.G explained us, on the basis on their experience and knowledge, what had happened. "Thank God we are safe", Hernán said. "Later on, with an enormous joy, we started the desired trekking! 56 Km and almost 3000 meters  height  separate us from Base Camp… Here we go!"

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