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Monday, January 7, 2013

We're less than a day away from the 2013 International CES®

We're less than a day away from the 2013 International CES® and ready to get you all the last minute details you need to keep up to date.

Like every year, 2013 CES® will offer the chance to listen to the most outstanding CEOs  at the Palazzo Ballroom  in The Venetian and the LVH Theater. Among others, are worth mentioning: Dr. Paul E. Jacobs Qualcomm Inc.; Mr. Gary Shapiro Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®; Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuga Panasonic Corp.;Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuga Panasonic Corp.

Innovators - Next Generation
The focus this year will be on the new entrepreneurs at the CES®. This event offers a new generation innovators such as Bump Technologies, ZocDoc and RockMelt.

Personalities, Hollywood Stars and Icons.
Musicians, movie stars, tv personalities among others will be presenting the latest in the consumer electronics industry: Maroon 5 will show up as well as Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Anthony Ryan Auld, Donald Shultz, Bob Greene, etc.

Keep in touch! Starting tomorrow, the CES® 2013 will be here for you.

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