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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Google Fiber, the superfast internet service of Google will arrive to Austin Texas.

The first was Kansas City, and now Austin will receive the Gigabit internet service, which offers 1Gbps broadband Internet service, by the middle of 2014. Google is giving the possibility to choose between Intenet sevice or both, Internet and Google Fiber TV.

Also is offering a free 5Mbps Internet connection for seven years for one-time construction fee of $300. This service features, 5Mbps download speeds and 1Mpbs upload speeds.
Google is planning to hook up public organizations, like schools, hospitals and community centers, for free.
Austin enjoys a vibrant start-up scene, and is home of South By Southwest Interactive Films, and Music Festivals.  That are some of the points that makes it one of the potential cities to get Google Giber.
When Kansas City was selected to be the first one, Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt said publicly that it wouldn't be the only city to have this service.
Google is rolling out in Austin by neighborhoods, the ones with the most people signing up will get the service first.

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