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Friday, May 28, 2010

Google TV’s announcement

Google has officially announced what we have been listening from several months, Google TV’s launch, having the chance to place itself in the only device in which it was not present.

This project is based on a new TV set that will include software support and hardware of companies such as DISH Network, Intel, Sony and Logitech.

To define it in a few words, it is a Boxee-type service to which it is added a Chrome browser for TV sets. Based on the Android platform, it will use an Intel Atom C4100 processor that will be connected to any cable or satellite system.

Google sets an interface easy to visualize from our TDT, our cable subscription and even the content recorder and browse on the Internet.

Also, it will offer access to Amazon Video on Demand, You Tube and Netflix, as well as to Android Marketplace and every application developed in there.

The bad news is that the release will be delayed until the end of this year and, initially, it will be available only in the USA, since the content network that gives sense to Google TV is active only there.

About the devices we will have, Sony will integrate Google TV on its TV sets and Blue-Ray, while Logitech prepares a multimedia center to place in any TV set which will come with a mouse and a special keyboard.

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