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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Computex Taipei begins

Today, during the 30th anniversary of the most important event of commercial communication technologies of Asia, and the second at a worldwide level, it starts Computex Taipei, the commercial expo.

The show gathers a great amount of visitors, analysts, computer and information reporters from all over the world. International exhibitors show a great spectrum of products, such as multimedia system, digital monitors and displays and much more.

During the 5 days it will last, there will be shown trends related to e-Reading, cloud computing, 3d technology, tablet PC, mobile Internet, digital signal, etc.
The organizers have informed that this year many of the participating companies came from emerging countries, while the number of European exhibitors remains the same as last year due to the unstable economic situation in the European zone.

It is expected that corporations like Asus, MSI and Acer introduce their tablet models that will compete with Apple´s iPad.

The Computex Taipei will be an excellent platform to explore and know the latest technologies, developments and trends this year, as well as establishing corporate collaborations.

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