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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Livescribe - Digitalize your writings

Livescribe launches a smartpens that digitalize everything you listen and speak and even your writings and drawings as you are using it.

It’s an excellent way to save time to corporations and students.
The pen uses a special paper and by placing the tip over the part of the writing you want to listen from the paper or the pc, it is capable of playing audio.

The device has a built-in cam and microphone to enable its users being more efficient in meetings and lessons.
It has sincronization between the notes and the audio, which makes it unnecessary to listen the whole recording to find a specific theme and also has a search and text recognition function (OCR). The recorded audio can be listened both in the smartpen as well as in the pc with binaural stereo sound, the audio files can also be uploaded to the Internet in MP3 format or creat a Pencast (that include a written text and the linked sound recorded) to share them.

There are two models in the market, the Livescribe Pulse with 2GB of memory and, a more developed one, the 8 GB Livescribe Echo Pro Pack can store up to 800 hours of recorded audio.

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