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Thursday, January 12, 2012

CES 2012 - Highlights of the 2nd day

Sony, LG y Google TV
Sony will keep on betting on Google TV as it has confirmed its compromise to expand the number of screens connected to this system. At the same time, LG unveiled its first screen equipped with Google's television system so as to participate in the race of Google's connected screens.
This way, both companies has shown their trust in Google's smart television system.

Panasonic 4K2K IPS Alpha Panel
Panasonic has a new offer, a prototype called 4K2K IPS Alpha Panel 20" with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. This new panel has the higher density of the world with its 216 pixels per inch and a width of just 0.11 foots.

IPS Alpha panels are suitable to make high definition screens due to their simple-pixel structures, as well as to the high contrast relation, excellent color reproduction and the percentage of transmission which is higher of the industry.

The panels include two new technologies called "Pixel structure with ultra-high aperture ratio" and "New liquid-crystal molecular orientation process technology" that allow people to enjoy ultra-high-definition videos from any angle.

Samsung's novelties
The NC215S Samsung is the first solar energy netbook that offers power, portability and performance.

It maximizes productivity at the same time that it is capable of use solar light for its own benefit.
As to characterize, it is a relatively simple model: it has an Atom a 1.6 GHz processor, up to 2 GB of RAM, and a maximum of 320 GB storage.
It design offers an integrated solar panel on the top allowing the netbook to automatically be charged with solar light.
Moreover, Samsung is updating its Cromebooks. Apart from renewing the first generation of Serie 5 with a new model, it will launch a "Chromebox" that is, in a few words, the ChromeOS running in a box. This equipment will be released on mid-2012, but it has not been specified how it will be sold nor by who.

From its technical specifications, we only know that is has many ports - including five 2.0 USB ports, a DVI, and a DisplayPort- and that it includes a keypad and a wireless mouse.

Razer presents Project Fiona, a tablet for gamers
Project Fiona is a tablet that includes highly particular joysticks on each side of the screen. It is designed for applications and video games of high manufacture that satisfy the most demanding gamer. Besides, the mixture of multi-touch screen together with the accelerometers and joysticks promise alluring game experiences. As it is not materialized, its release date and its market cost have not been report yet.

LG Blast Chiller cold a beer in four minutes
Apart from the spectacular OLED TV of 55'', other LG product that has captivated CES 2012 audience's attention is a fridge. The LG Linear Compressor is capable of cooling a beer in just four minutes thanks to a technology denominated Blast Chiller.

Sony 2 concept tablets

The Japanese company stunned with two concepts. The first one is the VAIO Slate, its novelty is found on its back panel made of a peculiar flexible material that Sony did not want to give details. This material allows to place the device on standard mode when one is holding it . Then, it permits to take the flexible pedestal off so as to place the device in a vertical position over a table to be used as an external keypad which is made of the same flexible material with a tactile surface and keys that light up as one touches it.

The other concept is VAIO Hybrid tablet, a conventional style table that includes a sliding keypad like a smartphone, and it also offers the possibility of using a stylus pencil that is hidden within the device.

Both models catch a lot of attention, specially the VAIO Slate even although the VAIO Hybrid has greater possibilities of reaching the stores due to having a more conservative idea and having been used before.

Keep in touch for more information on everything happening at the CES 2012, one of the biggest technology fairs in the world.

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