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Friday, January 13, 2012

CES 2012 - The highlight of the 3rd day

Going on in Las Vegas, going around the CES 2012, visiting stands, talking to manufacturers, searching to show you the highlight of the day.

Nvidia, tablets and Super Cars
Nvidia introduced its 4 core tablets, Tegra 3 and a prototype using Windows 8 as DOS.

Nvidia has decided to disclose some of its features and to show how do the new Metro interface works in a Tegra 3 tablet and a 4 corer processor ARM at 1.3 GHz. Besides, it took the opportunity to show another high definition prototype.

Super Cars powered by Nvidia
The other big news is that Nvidia is going into the motor industry to change it completely. the "Nvidia Motor" booth shows the first more advanced super vehicles that are already manufactured using the Tegra platform to offer apps, navigation services and other extras.

Haier Brain Wave TV
While other companies present voice command controlled TVs, the Chinese company Haier is looking to TV mind controlled. This concept, called "Brain Wave TV" propounds to control the television just by putting on a diadem that works through an electroencephalogram. While a plastic arm touches the forehead, a small device touches the earlobe. The diadem reads the electric activity through the scalp.

Unfortunately, it has not been proved how the interface will be on TV and whether it will be compatible with other devices such as videogames consoles. It was shown with a mini-game where the user tried through concentration to make a barrel explode, nothing simple and which it does not work that well. The company assures that the Researching and Developing Department is still working to improve the mechanism.

Haier hopes in the future this technology to be incorporated to perform basic functions such as volume adjustment or changing channels.

Lenovo's idea of the future
Lenovo Idea YOGA results from the fusion of an elegant and powerful ultrabook and a 13.3 inches multi-tactile tablet with Windows 8. The company states that the hinges have been perfected so as not to be a problem with the constant use and that they can be turned around 360 degrees. The double hinges registered design allows the making of a four position intuitive use in just one PC, which offers a major durability and stability facing as a contrast to other convertible conventional formats.
It is equipped with the last Intel processor, it uses upto 256GB SSD and the RAM could be upto 8GB with an 8 hours autonomy.

The tablet that breakes the rules
ASUS Memo 370T is a 7 inches tablet with 7 inches IPS screen of 1.280x800 pixels, Android 4.0, the latest from Nvidia Tegra 3 processors and a $250 price.

Other technical features are: 1GB RAM memory, a 1.2 megapixels front camera and a 5 rear one capable of capturing video in full HD, microSD as a memory expansion slot, microHDMI ideal to be connected to TV, 2.1 bluetooth, WiFi and an internal capacity from 16 to 32 GB, what the user chooses.

Asus - High range routers
The Taiwanese company ASUS has presented its double band ASUS RT-n66u router. It promises wireless transfer rates upto 900Mbps, 112.5 Mbytes/s. 900 Mbps through its two bands of 450 Mbps operating at the same time to 2.4 and 5 Ghz.

To improve coverage it includes two Wi - Fi 26 dBm amplifiers. This router enjoys Qos technology to prioritize the net traffic we prefer and a graphic interface renewed to simplify configuration and use. Something to bring out from this router es that if it is off the file downloading apps keep active. It lets you sort out tablets and phones remotely as well.

Keep in touch for more information on everything happening at the CES 2012, one of the biggest technology fairs in the world.

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